Guidelines for setting up taskPilot.

The admin menu page directs you to the setup and edit functions for the main data components.

Note that pilots are blocked from registering, and tasks cannot be created until at least one entry is created for each of Handicaps, Waypoints, Classes and Weather.


Handicaps are where the aircraft type names and associated handicap value is stored.

A bulk upload is available for csv format files. The format is type,handicap, one per line, for example:

          ASW 19A,93.0
          ASW 19B,93.0
          ASW 20,98.0

A sample file is available for download on the Admin menu page. This file is the NZ file, which is based on the UK handicap file.

Note that a bulk update will delete all previous handicaps.


If you have a cup file (normally created in SeeYou) you can use the bulk upload feature.

Note that a bulk update will delete all previous handicaps.

It is recommended that waypoint names are numbered first then named, e.g.


This makes it easier to enter waypoints as only the number needs to be entered to display the complete name.

If more than 3 characters have been entered in the runway length field on the cup file, then the waypoint is declared a landout by automatically setting the landout flag on the waypoint record. This can be changed manually on an individual basis in the waypoint edit feature.


Classes can be named as required, and the names can be subsequently changed without affecting the system.

When a class is set up, system defaults are created for the scoring parameters of each class. This can be subsequently changed in the Class edit function. For an explanation of how these parameters affect scoring refer to the help on scoring.

Weather types:

Weather is used to filter tasks in the task display. There must be at least one weather type.


Tasks are associated with a class. Once a task has been flown, waypoints or circle sizes cannot be changed.

Tasks set up in the admin area are given a status of 0. Refer to the help on scoring for an explanation of how status affects scoring.

Club profile:

This is where base data (club name etc.) can be changed.

Your logo can be uploaded here to appear on the login page for your club. Note that the file name is prefixed with your internal club ID code to make it unique.