Posting Flights

Flights can be posted against a task or as a ‘free flight’.

Tasked flight

The task list can be filtered by class by using the dropdown. The task dropdown is then refreshed with only the tasks for that class.

Select the task used, then confirm the aircraft type and registration, these have been defaulted to those in the pilot profile.

The restart time

This is only required if the flight reached waypoint 1 and was then restarted by re-entering the start circle. taskPilot doesn’t know whether re-entering the start circle is a restart or just flying through it on task, so assumes the latter unless the restart time is provided.

The restart time needs to be in the format hh:mm, and in UTC. It doesn’t have to be accurate, just somewhere between the first crossing of the start circle and the restart time. taskPilot will then start assessing the file from that time, and will look for a re-crossing of the start circle line to calculate the new start time.

If the time is entered incorrectly and the correct start is not calculated, just delete the flight and upload with a new time.

Free Flight

A free flight is a flight without an associated task. Click the Free flight box, and the flight can be posted without requiring a task to be selected.

No scoring is performed on free flights, but the trace and analysis is available.

Uploading the igc file

Click on choose file and pick the igc file. Files cannot be uploaded twice without the flight being deleted.

Then click ‘Upload file’. You will then see below the button the following progress message. An averaged size igc file will be processed in around 30 seconds but may take longer if the server is busy:

FFFFF is either Free flight, Racing Flight or AAT flight. It is important that you do not navigate away from this page before the processing is completed. When processing reaches 100% and the flight has been accepted, the flight list page will be displayed with the flight at the top.