Help with demo

The demo allows you to view everything, but not to post tasks or flights.

Here is a tour to follow. The tasks and flights are real, they have been taken from the NZ Regional and National competitions held in Omarama in 2017.

Click on "Select your club" and choose "taskPilot Demo" from the dropdown list.

Click the "Have a look around" button to view the demo club.

Click on 'View tasks'

Tasks can be created by either the club administrator or pilots.

The Select buttons enable you to filter tasks to focus easily on suitable tasks. They work in combination, so
Now click on the 'details' link at the end of the line. This opens the Task viewer.

Scroll down to the map area. This uses Google maps to display the task along with Landouts from the waypoint library.

Zoom in and out using either the mouse scroll wheel or the + and - buttons in the top right of the map.
Hover over the Map button in the top left and click on Terrain.

Click on Satellite. This is particularly useful if you have zoomed right in to a landout to view the strip in detail.

Scroll to the top of the page and click on Print task to display a printable version of the task. User the browser print feature - in Chrome, in the settings options on the top right - to print or create a pdf of the task.

Use the return buttons to return to the main manu, and click on All flights.

The flights can be filtered using the Select buttons as before.

Choose class Masters and Nationals Day 3

There are three flights, click on the details button at the end of the line for the Keith Essex flight.

The Flight details page shows data about the flight, including the header info from the igc file.

Click on Display trace at the bottom.

Zoom into the start area. The blue line is the trace, the green line is the scoring line as it is an AAT task. This is used to compute the flight distance for the score.

The menu bar at the top of the map can be used to control the trace options.
Click Back to flight details and then click Compare at the bottom. This form enables you to comapare two scoring traces. The Select pilot dropdown shows pilots who have flown the same task, so select one of those to show the two traces superimposed.

Return to the main menu and click Scoring.

This shows the rules set up by your club for scoring. The class names are determined by your club, as are the points for distance and speed, whether handicaps are used, flights to standard and Class type.
Return to the main menu and click Profile.

This is the pilot profile, note the options to opt in/out of flights appearing in the league or in the all flights pages. This enables pilots to keep their flights private.