Creating tasks

The task create page is designed to quickly add tasks already created elsewhere. The selection of the name, type, class and weather type is mandatory.

AAT target minutes is inactive at present, any entry will be ignored. This feature will be implemented in a future release.

For the waypoints, at least the start, finish and waypoint-1 must be completed. A fast way to enter is to type just the first few characters of the task name.

The waypoint circle defaults are shown, in km.

Task editor

Once the task has been created, it can be edited which invokes the task planning feature. If the waypoints have yet to be decided, create a simple pro forma task with start/finish and one waypoint then edit the task in the task planner.

The task planner displays the task on a map showing all the waypoints and landouts, so the task waypoints can be added or deleted, and the results easily seen.

The task strategy area also has a full text editor to format the text.

Note that once a task has been flown, then only the name, strategy and weather type can be changed.